In our experience cats are much happier in their own home rather than a cattery. You also have the added benefit of increased security at your home whilst you are away - I can open and close curtains, take in the post, water plants and generally make your home looked lived in whilst you are away.

I can come into your home once, twice, even three times a day to feed your cat. I spend ½ hr per visit, during which time I can feed and water your cat and change litter trays. I spend the rest of the time giving your animal some attention. For some cats this will be lots of fuss and stroking, for others it will be simply sitting in the same room as them providing company.

Cost from £8.00 per visit


I can offer the same service as above for small animals - rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, chickens, ducks, turkeys - you name it!

Cost from £8.00 per visit


"You can tell she takes time to give them a proper cuddle and chat not just nipping in to feed them."

"Suzy does a brilliant job, I'm not sure they even know I've gone!"

"She always has time to play with them and gives them the attention I would."

"I feel relaxed knowing they are being well cared for."

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